Frequently Asked Questions

Who are our members?  Our members are primarily Tampa Bay area residents who are alumni, family, and fans of the University of Illinois.  We have singles, marrieds, and dual alumni couples.  Our members represent a wide variety of employers and professions such as doctors, lawyers, military officers, human resource professionals, and more.  Of course, since this is Florida, we also have many retirees with experience in a wide variety of areas. Check out our Club History page for some interesting stats on the alumni living in the area.

How is the Illini Club of Tampa Bay related to the University of Illinois Alumni Association?  We are separate organizations, but we work closely together.  For example, the Alumni Association supports this website financially, but the content is created by club volunteers.  Club volunteers plan events for members and conduct all of our activities as an autonomous organization.  Once a year we submit a report to the Alumni Association on our activities.

How much does membership cost?

  • Blue membership is free.  Simply register on this site to receive our email and information.
  • Orange members register on this site and pay $25 in dues each year to help sustain the club.  Orange members receive discounts on club events and have access to the membership database.  

 What do I have to do to become a member of this Club?  Go to our "Join" page to find out more.

Are dues tax deductible?  No, annual dues are not tax deductible.  However, all scholarship donations are tax deductible.

What is the difference between registering on the site (i.e. joining our email distribution list) and becoming a member of the Illini Club of Tampa Bay?  Registering on our site is FREE and involves providing a small amount of contact information. After registration, and assuming that you have selected to receive Club emails, you will receive regular emails from us announcing new events.  Becoming an Orange member of the Illini Club of Tampa Bay involves paying annual dues.  Members receive discounted prices and preference for tickets to Club events, and access to the Tampa Bay Illini membership directory (release pending).

What’s our Club’s Mission Statement? The purpose of the Club will be to encourage and support the educational purposes of the University of Illinois, to cultivate friendship and fellowship among the members of the Club, and to express loyalty to, and promote the welfare of, the University of Illinois. 

Why join?  You will be joining an active alumni club, one that was selected by the University of Illinois Alumni Association as the Outstanding Alumni Club in 2007.  This is the highest award that can be awarded to a club by the Alumni Association, and clubs are not eligible more frequently than every third year. 
Get involved and help us win again in 2011!

Are there any other benefits to joining?  Your primary benefit is that you will be directly plugged in to all Illini events and Illini news taking place in the Tampa Bay area. Meet old friends and make new ones as you participate in social, cultural and sporting events with other Illini alums. There are sponsored Club activities year round. 

What kind of activities does the club sponsor?   In addition to game watches, we typically host two to three events per 3-month period.  Here is a sample of the types of events our club has organized in the past:
  • "Game Watches”—with these informal events you can join fellow Illini to watch basketball and football games on large screen TVs and enjoy a bite to eat at local sports bars.  We send out emails with the location and post the information on this website.
  • Annual Banquet—each spring we have a luncheon to honor an outstanding alumni.  The honoree is typically awarded to a local alum of who has demonstrated commitment and service in their chosen profession and their respective communities.
  • Special social events such as Big Ten events hosted by various alumni clubs in the area
  • Picnics
  • Roadtrips to "local" sporting events such as Illini baseball
  • Theater: Group tickets for local theater events.  Some even include alumni in the theater company!
  • Golf outings
  • We offer some events that are family-oriented and other events that are adults-only.  This encourages a broad range of participants within our club.